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The DataMiner Experts & Insights platform offers you the chance to watch or book live presentations and panel sessions with our DataMiner experts, or to join live or recorded webinars to catch the latest insights into our end-to-end multi-vendor NMS, OSS and orchestration solutions.



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DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning (IDP)

Overview of the key features of the DataMiner IDP suite.

DataMiner Routing Control Panel

Discover the DataMiner Routing Control Panel, an intuitive and powerful control surface.

All-IP SMPTE-2110 infrastructure and media-over-IP monitoring

Learn how complex IP-based systems can effectively be monitored by broadcast and IT teams with DataMiner.

Orchestrating complex networks: bridging satellite, headend and OTT services

Discover our unique approach to orchestration.

production media data center –
all-IP broadcast infrastructures

Learn how DataMiner tackles all challenges by witnessing real-life examples.

DataMiner Spectrum Management

Discover all the DataMiner Spectrum Management capabilities in this session.

DataMiner Augmented Operation – redefining end-to-end management with AI

Join this session and see how DataMiner leverages AI technology.

quick introduction to DataMiner

A brief, high-level introduction on what DataMiner is all about.

Managing Unified Headends

Discover the challenges and advantages of a unified playout.

DataMiner Use Cases and Benefits

Discover how our customers evolved towards a true end-to-end service orchestration solution.

Software-defined media networks (SDMN) part2: service assurance and SLA management

Join this session on DataMiner SDMN and learn all about service assurance and compliance reporting.

Software-defined media networks (SDMN) part1: service orchestration

Find out how DataMiner manages the service life cycle across edge and network domains, regardless of technology, transport layer, switching and routing paradigms.

DataMiner Customers:
Operations & Benefits

Learn how our DataMiner customers benefit from deploying our state-of-the-art platform.

Creating an agile operation

Find out why agility is so important for your organization.

DataMiner Use Cases and Benefits

Real-life illustrations, with a focus on network performance & orchestration, SLAs and our SRM module.

DataMiner Playlist & EPG Management

Find out how DataMiner provides you with schedule-aware service assurance.

DataMiner Job Manager

Learn how DataMiner enables you to easily deliver the most sophisticated broadcast & media services.

Pre-IBC 2019 Sneak Peek

Prepare your visit and get a sneak peek of what we’ll be showcasing at IBC 2019.

DataMiner Service and Resource Management

General introduction to DataMiner Service and Resource Management.

The strategic edge of an E2E vendor-agnostic monitoring & orchestration platform

Find out about the strategic advantages of a unified open-architecture end-to-end vendor-agnostic monitoring & orchestration platform.

Automating the teleport

Find out what the opportunities and business challenges for teleport operators are.

DataMiner Use Cases & Benefits

Discover how DataMiner enables operators to maximize their efficiency and reach operational excellence trough some real-life use cases.

DataMiner Use Cases for Satellite Services

Real-life illustrations focusing on the application of DataMiner capabilities to monitor and control satellite services.

DataMiner data access and control layer

Discover the advantages of a solid and future-proof data access and control layer.

DataMiner Ticket Automation

In this session, our expert goes over several use cases that illustrate how our customers gain operational efficiency through automating incident workflows by saving time, reducing MTTR, increasing service quality and much more.

DataMiner Use Cases and Benefits

Real-life illustrations, with a focus on network performance & orchestration, SLAs and our SRM module.

DataMiner for Management of DAA Ecosystems

Learn how DataMiner enables you to smoothly upgrade your infrastructure to DOCSIS 3.1.

Distributed Access Architectures: Introduction

Find out more about Distributed Access Architectures (DAA) in this first of two sessions on the topic.

DataMiner CPE Manager – leaping forward

Learn why the DataMiner CPE Manager is one of the crown jewels of the DataMiner system.

DataMiner Infrastructure Monitoring: use cases

Discover through real-life examples how DataMiner efficiently monitors technical facilities and infrastructures.

Automating the teleport

Find out what the opportunities and business challenges for teleport operators are.

DataMiner building blocks - Visualization: Use Cases  

Learn how DataMiner’s flexible visual capabilities can help you to achieve operational excellence.

DataMiner Security

Learn how DataMiner Security hardens your operation and makes it much more secure.

DataMiner pre-NAB sneak peek

Prepare your visit and get a sneak peek of the cutting-edge DataMiner features and solutions we’ll be showcasing at NAB 2019.

How to write a DataMiner business case

Insights and best practices for building a good DataMiner business case.

DataMiner Automation Engine

Learn all about the most powerful and flexible automation engine on the market.

DataMiner CPE Manager

A general introduction to DataMiner CPE Manager.

DOCSIS 3.X HFC network management for C-CMTS, DCMTS and RPD

Session on managing hybrid DOCSIS 2.x, 3.0 and 3.1 networks.

broadcast operation and automation

Analysis of how the true potential of IP media infrastructures can be unlocked.

DataMiner Cloud Services

Sneak preview of the new cloud service for broadcast, media and service provider operations.

DataMiner Integration Studio

Session on the advantages of this plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

full stack media data center management

Session on full stack monitoring and orchestration across technology boundaries.

Rack Manager

Find out how the DataMiner IDP Rack Manager makes life much easier for operators.

virtualized and cloudified service delivery network 

Session on virtualized and cloudified service delivery networks for broadband and media.

DataMiner Reports & Dashboards

An exclusive sneak preview of the brand-new DataMiner Reports & Dashboards module.

Service Quality Management (SQM)

Discover the many advantages of the fully integrated & end-to-end DataMiner platform.

DataMiner for satellite networks: a triple win

Learn how DataMiner is a triple win for your satellite network.

The strategic value of network management & orchestration

Find out how a future-proof end-to-end network management and orchestration solution defines your operation’s success.

End-to-end fault management

Find out how broadcast & media operators can address the challenges faced when implementing fault management.

Asset Management and Workflow Automation

Discover how DataMiner’s extreme flexibility and ability to adapt to changing technology equals flawless asset management and workflow automation.

operations in times of transition

Find out how DataMiner assists you in times of major technology changes.

DataMiner Ticketing Gateway

Learn how the DataMiner Ticketing Gateway enables you to gain operational efficiency and increases quality of service.

Management of Cable Operator DAA/RPD ecosystems

Learn all about distributed and centralized access architectures, as well as the major challenges cable operators face.

DataMiner Initiation Demo

A brief, high-level introduction on what DataMiner is all about.

asset management and workflow automation

Session on management of media assets and asset workflows.

artificial intelligence for media operations

Learn how media operations can be augmented with artificial intelligence.

DataMiner for satellite networks

Session on the advantages of DataMiner for satellite networks

Unified TV delivery

Insights in the delivery of unified TV across multiple platforms

monitoring uncompressed SMPTE ST2022-6/7 & ST2110 streams

Session on monitoring and analysis of uncompressed SMPTE ST2022-6/7 and SMPTE ST2110 streams