CPE Manager

DataMiner® CPE Manager is the very first professional OSS solution harnessing the power of big data technology in the IPTV, satellite, HFC broadband and broadcast industry. The platform enables operators to mine massive amounts of operational data across its entire population of customer premises equipment, including modems, set-top boxes, gateways, OTT clients, soft agents, etc.

advanced management of very high volumes of CPE devices

DataMiner Customer Premises Equipment Manager is a professional software platform, specifically designed for advanced management of very high volumes of CPE devices in cable, telco, terrestrial and satellite environments. This includes CPE devices such as cable modems (CM), xDSL modems, FTTH modems, satellite terminals, multimedia terminal adapters (eMTAs), set-top boxes (STBs), etc.

optimize service quality and availability

The DataMiner platform enables operators to collect valuable operational data from any CPE object in their ecosystem, thereby optimizing the service quality and availability, while at the same time reducing operational expenses. DataMiner CPE Manager can be deployed as a standalone platform, with northbound interfaces for integration with your OSS/BSS, but can also be used as a fully integrated component of the DataMiner System. The latter makes DataMiner the very first platform in the industry that is capable of managing the entire operational environment end to end, across all vendor and technology boundaries, from content acquisition to content delivery.

Key Facts

continuously collects detailed KPIs from your entire CPE ecosystem

statistically process data across any user-defined system level

allows initiation of ad-hoc sessions with individual CPEs for troubleshooting

features scalable distributed architecture and automated provisioning

has flexible licensing, for both small and large corporate deployments

features open XML drivers for interfacing with any CPE

fully integrated with the existing DataMiner platform

provides unlimited web access from any location

runs on industry-standard hardware, resulting in lower TCO

Your Benefits

open architecture & industry-standard interfaces

CPE interfacing based on any possible protocol (e.g. SNMP, TR69, RTCP, SSH, proprietary, etc.)

supports native CPE information and/or any third-party CPE agents & probes

manage video, internet and telephony services with one platform

ultra-fast data collection & processing with many millions of CPE objects

fully user-definable network correlation model

fault management with instant alarms across the entire delivery chain

fully automated provisioning

Collect vast amounts of valuable CPE data, and redefine how you manage your operation