DataMiner Probes

DataMiner® Probes (DMP) enable operators to bring the power and intelligence of DataMiner to the most remote and isolated locations, and to embed intelligent self-sustaining network management pockets within the operation.

bring the power and intelligence of dataminer to the most remote and isolated locations

Whenever you are challenged with remote and unmanned locations, and communication channels with capacity constraints and/or intermittent availability, the DMP will provide a solution. As a loosely coupled intermediate gateway, it guarantees the continuity you require for fault management, performance management and procedure automation (e.g. redundancy switching, automatic configuration for scheduled services and bookings, etc.).

DMPs can support a multitude of applications, and are typically installed in e.g. remote VSAT terminals, satellite hubs, terrestrial transmitter sites, small network nodes, cellular network base centers, etc.


An intelligent network management node that guarantees continuity for your fault & performance management and end-to-end automation, even in the most remote locations

Your Benefits

vendor independent: supplied by a fully independent NMS vendor

save valuable development time

user-friendly editors

easily import SNMP MIBs into your drivers

automatically insert code snippets