Scheduall Application

The DataMiner® ScheduALL Manager Application provides fully automated ingest of all bookings and jobs of the ScheduALL ERM platform into the DataMiner multi-vendor network management platform. This out-of-the-box solution enables operators in the satellite and broadcast industry to fully automatically execute bookings by allocating the proper device resources, checking available capacity and configuring all involved devices. The open architecture of this application is highly user-definable and capable of integrating with any device from any vendor you have today, or will ever have in the future.

much more than just scheduling

The DataMiner ScheduALL Manager app offers an intuitive user interface, allowing an operator to browse through pending, active and historical bookings and to manage those with a variety of advanced capabilities. Operators can easily navigate from bookings to the actual devices involved in the resulting services, and use the comprehensive DataMiner fault management and control functionality to manage those instantly. In addition to that, options are available to easily perform quality audits on bookings with DataMiner Confidence Monitoring, which can automatically pull live video thumbnails from across the entire service delivery chain. The spectrum RF carrier management solution, which can be integrated with any spectrum analyzer from any vendor, can be used to check and monitor incoming and outgoing carriers in real time.

focus on your business again

With the DataMiner ScheduALL Manager app, you can rest assured that you have a single powerful booking solution, taking care of your business from booking to the actual service delivery. This highly future-proof and fully vendor-agnostic solution allows your operators to focus on managing your services, with just a few clicks, across the entire service delivery chain.


features & capabilities

ingest bookings and jobs from ScheduALL

easy-to-use overview of all current and historical bookings

manage & update bookings

copy, sort and filter bookings

flexible user security and audit trailing

user-definable booking reports

intelligent resource allocation and capacity management

automatic provisioning of end-to-end services

supports fully automatic and operator-assisted procedures

open-architecture user-definable UI

flexible user-definable workspaces

optional video thumbnail confidence monitoring

optional spectrum RF carrier monitoring

optional multi-viewer integration

instantly access and control booking-related devices

future-proof with integration of any device from any vendor

supplied by a vendor-independent supplier

and much more...