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Have you ever wondered who makes sure you can watch television and surf the web from just about anywhere, even in an airplane or on a boat? Who makes it possible to coordinate live broadcasts from just about anywhere, even from the International Space Station? The answer: the superheroes behind the DataMiner® software, developed at Skyline Communications.

It’s the Splendid Software Developers and Dauntless System Developers at Skyline who ensure that companies like Proximus and Telenet can keep their network in hand at all times. Our Mighty Project Managers coordinate projects for Airbus, Discovery Channel, Deutsche Telekom, MTV, Disney and more than 1000 others. Our Data Analytics Masterminds can even give them a glimpse of the future.

Because of them, and the over 300 other superheroes working alongside them, Skyline Communications is the leading supplier of network management software for the broadcast, satellite, cable, telco and mobile industry worldwide. More than 125 countries count on us, and more join them every day. That’s why we too need more heroes to join us!

Sustainable career policy

ESF funds Skyline Communications’ career policy, designed for its employees to grow and to develop themselves.

sustainable HRM

In the context of this project, staff members receive support from the management, colleagues and internal tools. According to his or her talents and competencies, each employee can grow together with Skyline Communications in the four following domains:

  • Implementing a feedback policy
  • Elaborating a strategic remuneration policy
  • Further elaborating training and development possibilities
  • Enhancing internal communication and increasing efficiency

To reach these objectives, Skyline Communications will receive a financial support of € 70,798.25 from ESF and the Flemish Government. In total, € 101,140.37 will be invested.

lifelong learning

With this funding, Skyline Communications will organize certain training related to technical skills as well as soft skills, in cooperation with a third-party training provider.

To reach these objectives, Skyline Communications will receive a financial support of € 67,750 from ESF and the Flemish Government. In total, € 135,500 will be invested.

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Your application at Skyline Communications

You send us your resume using the application form on our jobs site.

If you pass the CV screening, we invite you for a preliminary interview. Otherwise, if your profile doesn’t fit our requirements, we let you know.

During the introductory interview, we ask you about your previous work experience, motivation and competences.

If, after the first interview, your profile appears to fit our requirements, you are invited for a second, more technical interview.

If this second interview is successful, you receive our job offer as quickly as possible. Together, we pick a date for you to come and sign your contract.

Skyline Academy

At Skyline, we care for your future! As we find both personal and professional development important, we’ve founded our own Skyline Academy.

With our Skyline Academy we strive towards continuous learning. The training courses we offer are not only related to our top-notch software, DataMiner, but also cover topics related to general technology domains and to the latest developments in the industry. In addition, we also organize training regarding for example social skills, safety and prevention, leadership, etc.

After all, development and innovation are concepts that we value very deeply.

Skyline Academy
Locations with flair

Locations with flair

Our environment-friendly head office reflects our vision of sustainable responsible business. It is situated alongside the E403 highway in Izegem, next to Exit 6, so no congested traffic or delays on the road to work!

Working hours

Flexible working hours

Early bird or night owl, no matter what you are, we optimize your performance curve through flexible working hours, for a totally personal work-life balance. Effective working is guaranteed!



Our luminous offices create a friendly work atmosphere. What’s more, our own fitness room, lounge areas, Skyline bikes and spacious leisure facilities will make every day a great day.

Team spirit

Team spirit

Weekly after-work drinks, an Autumn Event, our Family Day, a New Year Dinner, … Regular events help create the “We Are DataMiner” community and promote a laid-back working atmosphere.

Skyline Academy

Skyline Academy

With our Skyline Academy Program, we want to encourage our employees to keep developing their own talents, so they can always further excel in their jobs.



Total commitment is rewarded with small and large incentives. Also, your future is really important to us. We therefore support your personal development with continuous training.

The heroes!

Here are some of the heroes who currently have Skyline Communications as their home base.

Take a virtual tour of our HQ.

Take a virtual tour of our headquarters in Izegem and see where our superheroes shape the future of multi-vendor network management.

Take the virtual tour

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