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Drive down opex and increase quality of service

key benefits

  • one secured mobile application across your entire operation
  • never lose touch with your operation and your business
  • be instantly aware of any breaking developments in your operation
  • improve operator productivity and satisfaction
  • reduce response time for on-call tech support resources
  • instantly access relevant information in meetings with your customers
  • improve response time and increase quality of service
  • consult subject matter experts faster than ever before
  • drive down field operation cost by providing access to remote systems

a wealth of unique features and capabilities

One secured mobile platform, enabling full management of your entire operation across any vendor and technology boundaries, offers a wealth of advantages and results in significant operational savings. Whenever important events occur in your operation, you can now rest assured that the right people will be instantly notified, significantly reducing the mean-time-to-respond. On-call tech support resources and subject matter experts can now immediately tap into the operation, no matter where they are.

Field engineering resources can now benefit from accessing any remote devices and systems, while performing their field work. And you can provide your customers with instant and up-to-date information on services and SLAs, at any time, even live during a meeting. And overall, you can rest assured that you will drastically improve productivity and satisfaction across all your teams.

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