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One application, all the functionality you will ever need

key features

  • two-way interaction via text messaging
  • complete suite of professional mobile applications
  • supporting any mobile platform
  • instant notification for important events
  • enabling remote access from any location at any time
  • uniform & transparent for any device or system from any vendor
  • professional security
  • full remote monitoring and control
  • comprehensive fault management
  • performance management

any device from any vendor can easily be accessed

The DataMiner mobile applications provide intuitive navigation in a variety of ways, including the renowned DataMiner Search, enabling users to find the right devices and services in the most complex and vast technology ecosystems. Any device from any vendor can easily be accessed with the mobile applications, and users can enjoy a uniform and intuitive user interface to monitor any device readings, and to control any of the device settings and configurations.

Any device or system key performance indicators can be trended over time, and visualized with easy-to-use graphs on the mobile platforms for more advanced troubleshooting. Furthermore, mobile users can also instantly access all system alarms and events, and use popular fault management functionality such as acknowledging or adding comments to alarms.

download our datasheet [PDF]