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DataMiner Mobile Gateway is a unified solution enabling you to receive instant notifications for important events occurring in your operational systems, and a secure way to remotely monitor and control any device from any vendor, across your entire broadcast, HFC broadband, IPTV or satellite platform.

key features

DataMiner Mobile Gateway provides remote monitoring, full control, fault management and performance management for your entire operation, across all vendor and technology boundaries.

Product overview


online preview

Interested to learn more about this disruptive technology, and to see the mobile applications in live action? Then register now for an online product presentation and a live demonstration.



getting started

Download the app from the App Store, the Windows Phone Store or use any mobile device with an HTML5 compatible browser. Connect to your DataMiner platform and get started immediately.

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  • “improve operator productivity and satisfaction”
  • “reduce response time for on-call tech support resources”
  • “drive down field operation cost by providing remote access”