June 26 - 28, 2018

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

BOOTH 1N3-08


June 26 - 28, 2018

Suntec Singapore

BOOTH 4S3-07

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show highlights

Multi-domain service orchestration: first-rate from the first time

To turn new business ideas into services as quickly as possible, far-reaching automation and service orchestration are indispensable. Combining numerous DataMiner capabilities, the DataMiner Service & Resource Manager (SRM) suite takes care of all aspects of automation, orchestration and service performance monitoring. It provides accelerated service design, delivery and assurance with simplified, consistent and predictable operation during the entire service life cycle.

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How can you achieve 360° visibility, control and automation in a Media Data Center?

In a media data center, broadcast teams meet IT teams and vice versa. The multi-layered hosting of media functions on virtualized and containerized infrastructures results in big challenges for operations teams. Very often, operators have to take care of end-to-end orchestration, monitoring and capacity planning, since the media functions come as loose functions rather than managed appliances. DataMiner manages both the media and the IT workflows with a single platform, thereby delivering a unique solution to orchestrate, monitor and manage capacity in complex multi-vendor media data centers for OTT, IPTV, and any other distribution format.

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How can you have end-to-end control over the multitude of processes in the master control room (MCR)?

The complex multitude of processes in the master control room can be a huge challenge for any broadcaster. Simplification and automation are essential to ensure end-to-end control, now and in the future, and that is exactly what DataMiner provides. The platform enables broadcast centers to evolve to next-generation technologies and manages both legacy equipment as well as IP and virtualized routers and infrastructure. DataMiner effectively reduces the workload while maximizing resource utilization through higher accuracy, faster execution and lower operational cost.

How can you manage complex VoD and ad asset workflows effectively?

Assuring quality and correct availability of VoD and ad assets is very complex in practice. Often, media asset management systems excel in their core function – managing the asset library -  but prove to be inflexible and limited in the workflow automation across a vast and multi-vendor infrastructure. Working seamlessly together with MAMs on the market, DataMiner workflow automation automates any media asset workflow regardless of the underlying technology, schedules workflows to maximize resource utilization, monitors and reports SLA conformance of assets and asset providers, and much more.

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How do you prepare your satellite networks for new services?

With the continuous innovation going on in aerospace, satellite operators and service providers have to prepare for the unknown. Modern satellite networks need to be efficient, flexible and capable of delivering the highest possible uptime, and with that come many different products and communication links that need to be orchestrated and monitored as one. The DataMiner NMS/OSS system combines all the above and is of strategic importance to world-class satellite networks and operations, providing resiliency, perfect end-to-end visibility, confidence monitoring and much more.

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Shaking up the value chain

Day 1, Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 2:10 PM
Melati 4003 – Level 4, Marina Bays Sands

Consumer tastes and preferences are evolving quickly, leading consumers to expect a broad variety of content, delivered to them at any time, on any device. Satellite operators need to keep up with the rapid changes to the value chain of getting content from the producer to the end consumer. This panel session focuses on this rapidly evolving industry, and the strategies that can be used to maintain a critical position within it.

Other panelists: Deepak Mathur (Executive VP Global Sales, SES Video), Robert Cerbone, (VP and General Manager Media, Intelsat), Thierry Fautier (VP video Strategy, Harmonic), Pan Li (Director Marketing and Business Development, APT Satellite), Jean-Francois Fenech (CEO, Eutelsat Asia), Paul Sheridan (VP Optus Satellite, Optus Communications)
Moderator: Blaine Curcio (Founder Orbital Gateway Consulting)

Panel discussion with
Steven Soenens
Vice President
Product Marketing


DataMiner Service and Resource Management for HDR & UHD streams

Day 1, Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 11:00 AM

Media workflows for HDR & UHD streams are more vulnerable to errors and capacity constraints in the infrastructure. In complex, high bit rate and all-IP infrastructures, service life cycle management and resource management have never been so needed to any operation. And that is where DataMiner Service and Resource Manager comes in.

presentations by
Steven Soenens
Vice President
Product Marketing

Broadcast media workflows in today’s virtualized and cloudified infrastructures

Day 1, Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 12:40 PM
Level 6, Suntec Singapore

Modern broadcast infrastructure is increasingly built upon all-IP, virtualized and cloudified platforms. The benefits are cost saving, agility and flexibility. However, the new broadcast deployments come with a lot of engineering and operational challenges, with in particular the orchestration and monitoring of media workflows that run across on-premises data centers, public cloud and hybrid deployments. Emerging standards including SMPTE ST 2110, NMOS IS-04, IS-05 and IS-06, new cloud-ready workflow orchestration and complex microservices management are enablers for launching new broadcast services.

Video optimization on SDN/NFV networks

Day 2, Wednesday, 27 June 2018, 5:30 PM
Room 304, Level 3, Suntec Singapore

Network operators are challenged to deliver higher throughput rates than ever before, but at the same or lower subscription rates. Consequently, the drive to save costs is very high on the agenda, both from an opex and capex perspective. Since the vast majority of data and broadband traffic is video, video exchange and delivery optimization come with significant savings.

Though Network Function Virtualization (NFV) brings flexibility and agility in operations and SDN comes with increased control of flows, those technologies are just the “handles”, the tools to optimize network utilization rates. The real benefits come from the network orchestration layer and a self-learning augmented operational environment.

DataMiner 9.5 live

We will be presenting the exciting features of our DataMiner 9.5 release. This release again heralds important innovations and new network management paradigms, enabling operators to manage their operations more easily and more efficiently than ever before.