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Your internship or thesis at Skyline!

Studying is valuable. Applying what you’ve learned to real-life situations even more so. That’s why we welcome students with open arms. We’re not going to lie, students are very valuable to us as well. They’re more than just learners, they’re full contributors. And we respect them as such. While they get to work with and learn from world leading experts, we get the opportunity learn from their fresh knowledge, insights and enthusiasm. Talk about win-win!

Your internship or thesis [at Skyline]

Skyline has a rich tradition of guiding college students during their internship or while they are working on their bachelor and master thesis. Fun fact: many of our employees have started their careers as interns in our company.

The topics we provide for students are directly in line with the goals of our company. This means that the work that you accomplish at Skyline will lead to solutions that we will actually use and deploy.

When it comes to choosing the topic of your internship or thesis, you can choose to go with a topic we provide or consult with us to determine a topic of your own. Here are some examples of the kind of topics you can choose from.

Internship topic examples

Master thesis topic examples

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Interested to explore the ins and outs of a global leading tech company? Well, we have no secrets! Come visit us in Izegem, Belgium and we’d be more than happy to give you the grand tour.

During a school visit, you’ll come to learn exactly why Skyline is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Belgium, with over 1500 customers in no less than 125 countries.



Ambachtenstraat 33, 8870 Izegem. Skyline is situated at the E403 highway, just by exit 6. There are sufficient parking spaces on site.

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Opportunities {after you've.graduated};

Hey! Did you have a great time as a student here at Skyline? Then don’t forget about us when you’ve graduated, OK?

We’re constantly looking for fresh talent. And there are loads of opportunities to contribute to our mission. Just take a look at our open job positions. There’s a good chance that you’ll find a career opportunity that perfectly fits your wants, needs and skills.