The DataMiner Functions that make you work better, faster, and cheaper

DataMiner Functions are the foundation of your data-driven operation. They make it easy to create powerful solutions by cherry-picking the building blocks you need. Plus, their modular architecture lets you build a scalable operation and integrate with third-party applications and services. This gives you the flexibility to create better, faster, and cheaper solutions!

DataMiner Functions

Experience the full potential of DataMiner

Select and deploy the features you require at any given time, allowing you to continuously evolve on the fly and provide maximum value for your organization.

Cloud Services is designed to seamlessly propel your business into the digital age, equipping you with the tools to succeed in this rapidly evolving ICT media and broadband landscape. It's not just a service, it's a catalyst for digital transformation, driving your business toward a brighter, more connected future.


Empowering every single user
Dataminer Dojo

Connect with a global community of peers: exchange ideas and experiences, leading you to new insights

DataMiner Cloud Collaboration
Project Collaboration

Project collaboration platform for your agile project deployments, including backlog management and easy-to-work views to keep track of time and budget

DataMiner CI-CD

Automate building, testing, and deploying your code via DIS, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins pipeline, GitHub actions …

DataMiner Catalog

All your artifacts, such as connectors, accessible in one place to download and upload

DataMiner DIS
DataMiner Integration Studio

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for connectors: Automation scripts, virtual functions, and more

DataMiner Catalog

Unleash the power of DataMiner: Get instant access to 7000+ connectors today!

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Platform services

Less overhead and higher availability, thanks to “as-a-service” options
DataMiner OPS

Included insurance policy package for your system with features like automated logfile collection to act quicker and the upcoming SPI collection for proactive support

DataMiner storage
Storage as a service

Operate your core business more conveniently by using the hosting service offered by Skyline for your storage cluster to significantly reduce your on-premises resource requirements

Dataminer Services
DataMiner as a service

Skyline hosted DataMiner node (SaaS) to spin up your DataMiner system in the cloud in just a couple of minutes

Dataminer Services
DataMiner Node as a service

Frictionless deployment (installation and integration) of DataMiner nodes on prem and in private cloud environments


Collaborate within the entire service supply chain
DataMiner Dashboards
Dashboard share

Share live data with anybody as a unique reference for all stakeholders

DataMiner Remote Connect
Remote access

Access DataMiner apps and the full Cube environment from anywhere

DataMiner Chat

Collaborate more effectively by enriching conversations in Teams with insights and controls from your DataMiner system, using generic or custom chat commands

DataMiner APP
App share

Share your Low-Code app and simultaneously its underlying data with a defined target audience to control and trigger more complex actions in DataMiner

DataMiner API
API share

Share your user-defined APIs with anybody who needs the provided data to control and trigger more complex actions in DataMiner

Stack functions

The DataMiner stack functions offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to cherry-pick the ideal combination for your ICT workflows and build highly-automated operations, empowering your business to thrive in the digital age. These functions serve as your building blocks for digital transformation, enabling you to create the perfect solution for your challenges.


Maximize efficiency with powerful automation and orchestration
Function virtualisation
Function Virtualization

Replacement of network appliance hardware with virtual machines or containers.


Manage a list of scheduled tasks in an automated way.

Job Manager
Job Manager

Plan administrative tasks, called jobs, in a fast and reliable way.

Automation Engine
Automation Engine

Open-architecture, a fully user-definable automation engine.


Out-of-the-box solutions for specific tech domains.

Profile Manager
Profile Manager

Configure complex resources repeatedly and reliably.

Resource Manager
Resource Manager

Off-the-shelf component to streamline & standardize the management of your resources.

DataMiner SRM

A versatile toolset tailored to your orchestration and automation needs

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Data Management

Easily manage, protect and enrich your data flows
Log file management
Log file Management

Collecting, formatting, aggregating, and analyzing log data to optimize programs and applications.


Automatically make backups of your entire setup at the touch of the button.

Data store
Data Store

By default, DataMiner uses a Cassandra and Elasticsearch database, other data storage solutions can be added optionally.

Audit trailing
Audit Trailing

Documenting the flow of transactions.

Single sign on
Single sign On

User authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials.

Augmented Operations

Ensure maximum uptime by leveraging big data and AI
Trend forecasting
Trend Forecast

Predictions based on data.

Automated tagging
Automated Tagging

Automated application of tags to describe content.

Anomaly detection
Anomaly Detection

Locating unusual points or patterns in a set of data.

Change point detection
Change Point Detection

Detecting abrupt shifts in time series trends.

Incident notification
Incident Notification

Reporting of certain trigger events.

Focus alarms
Focus Alarms

Show past behaviour of alarms.

Proactive cap detection
Proactive Cap Detection

Detect critical highs and lows in your network before they occur.

DataMiner Augmented Operation

Make the shift from reactive to proactive management

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Data Visualisation

Convert bits and bytes into uncluttered dashboards and easy control panels 
Spectral data processing
Spectral Data Processing

Processing remote sensing data from operational and historic missions in an online platform.

Performance management
Performance Management

Ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organization's goals in an effective and efficient manner.

Visual overview
Visual Overview

Clear visualisation of data and insights.

Event correlation
Event Correlation

Detect identifiable patterns by relating various events.

Fault management
Fault Management

Detect, isolate and resolve problems.


Visually display of all data.

Button panels
Button Panel

Software button panels.

No code apps
No Code Apps

Create application software through graphical user interfaces.

DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery & Provisioning (IDP)

Manage and automate all your network implementation workflows 
Config provisioning
Config Provisioning

Setting up IT infrastructure.

Document Management
Document Management

Store, share, track and manage files or documents.

Rack Management
Rack Management

Automatically create highly graphical views of all your facilities, buildings, floor plans, aisles, and racks.

Firmware Management
Firmware Management

Automates end-to-end firmware orchestration processes.

Resource Inventory
Resource Inventory

Manage information of all resources used to implement services and products.

Resource Discovery
Resource Discovery

Focuses on finding resources, identifying their capabilities and properties.

DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning (IDP)

Say goodbye to tedious deployment and configuration workflows

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DataMiner Object Models (DOM)

Enrich your operations with administrative and business-related data
Process Automation
Process Automation

Automate complex business processes.

Object modeling
Object Modeling

Visual representation of software or systems' objects, attributes, actions, and relationships.

Planned maintenance
Planned Maintenance

Planning, documenting, or scheduling any maintenance activity.

Open Framework

Enable easy and secure integration with data from any source or system
User-definable APIs

Create RESTful APIs on the fly, tailored to your use case.

Northbound API
Northbound APIs

The DataMiner Web Services API is north bound accessible for third-party applications.

Data Offloading
Data Offloading

All data in DataMiner can easily be offloaded to a central database, your own data plane or even files.

Data Connectivity

Configure and visualize signal paths throughout your infrastructure.
Router Control
Router Control

Easily manage signal routes.

Connectivity Modelling
Connectivity Modelling

Configure and visualize signal paths throughout your infrastructure.

Data Aggregation

Merge complex data streams into actionable insights
Data Aggregation
Data Aggregation

Summarize data from multiple sources.

Data Collector
Data Collector

Gathering, recording, and analysing data.

Data mediation
Data Mediation

Collect data from various sources and converting into a uniform format.

Indexing Engine
Indexing Engine

Collecting, parsing, and storing of data to facilitate fast and accurate information retrieval.

SLA Management

Reduce operational expenses and ensure business stakes are always taken into account
SLA management
SLA Management

Automate, track, and measure the digital processes that a key relationship depends on.

Service monitoring
Service Monitoring

Checks the performance of different services and quickly detects and resolves any issues.

Element management
Element Management

Manage network elements on the network element-management layer.

3rd Party Integrations

Work more efficiently by using the tools you already know and love
Ticketing Gateway
Ticketing Gateway

Integrate various ticketing systems (e.g., Jira, Remedy, etc.) in a reliable manner.

Mobile Gateway
Mobile Gateway

Application-specific network security for mobile application infrastructures .


Gives an indicator that an event has occurred.