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DataMiner empowers your
digital transformation

One powerful DevOps engine that transparently interacts with a real-time digital twin of your entire
end-to-end operation, cutting straight through any domain, vendor, and technology boundaries.

Unlock all possible potential

increase productivity

reduce operational cost

decrease response time

increase service availability

reduce margin for human error

reduce infrastructure investments

unlock new business potential

harden security

more efficient use of system capacity and resources

Example use cases

automate frequent actions

self-healing procedures and backup logic

automated provisioning of resources

end-to-end service deployment

automated security auditing

enable multi-cloud architectures

automate diagnostic procedures

detect policy violations

disaster recovery

Powerful end-to-end orchestration and automation that integrates seamlessly with your operational workflows

DataMiner Automation

With DataMiner Automation, anybody can easily create, evolve, and reuse existing automation procedures, and organize them in a standardized secured catalog, essential in a strategy to create an agile operation and composable future-looking business.

DataMiner Automation Engine

allows you to create anything ranging from a simple script facilitating frequent day-to-day actions all the way to comprehensive workflows to perform complex procedures in a consistent and reliable manner.

Automation scripts can be triggered
  • upon occurrence of an event (event-based)
  • manually upon request of a user
  • via a user-definable time schedule
DataMiner Automation

Feature spotlight

Runs fully transparently across any technology, domain or vendor boundaries

Easy-to-use intuitive UIs, enabling anybody in your organization to leverage automation

Supports both UI-based/no-code and code-based design of automation routines

Live run-time design, updates and deployment of automation scripts

Easy and efficient modular design, based on a centralized structured catalog

Fully integrated with industry-standard tools such as MS Visual Studio, and easy to integrate with your CI/CD infrastructure, leveraging industry-standard repositories such as GitHub

A wealth of out-of-the-box features and capabilities to facilitate automation, such as locking of resources, automatic confirmation of controls, user interaction, and much more.

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DataMiner Orchestration

DataMiner comes with out-of-the-box orchestration capabilities that enable you to design solutions with full awareness of all managed resources, as well as their availability and capacity over time.

DataMiner Virtualization Engine

Performs a vendor-agnostic virtualization of your system resources, breaking them down to the essential functions that they provide. This results in a holistic view on all resources, transparently across all your products, supporting both hardware and software, as well as on-premises resources and cloud services.

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DataMiner Resource Manager

Organizes all your resources in logical user-definable resource pools, so that you can easily track the capabilities as well as the availability and capacity of all your resources. The DataMiner Resource Manager supports both managed resources and so-called virtual resources such as bandwidth, satellite capacity, multi-case IP addresses, licenses and much more.

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DataMiner Profile Manager

Facilitates and centralizes the management of any type of profiles you require to set and provision services across your end-to-end infrastructure. The DataMiner Profile Manager allows you to easily model, create and manage all your profiles, independently of the underlying technology and infrastructure, creating a powerful and future-proof solution.

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DataMiner Service Manager

Allows you to design service definitions using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, and to deploy new end-to-end services in a fully automated fashion, on demand or as part of a booking solution. Once those services are deployed, DataMiner also automatically provides fully service-centric monitoring, along with the ability for operators to control services in an intuitive standardized way.

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Feature spotlight

Powerful fully vendor- and technology-agnostic orchestration

Model and deploy any type of services or combination of services with confidence

Full awareness of any possible constraints related to capabilities, availability or capacity

Out-of-the-box end to end service-centric monitoring

Easy and intuitive service control (e.g. redundancy control, compliance checking, etc.)

Streamline and standardize the management
of your
system resources and services

DataMiner is capable of adapting and integrating new technology and new platforms on the fly in a consolidated all-in end-to-end service.

Orchestration & automation suite

Service & Resource Manager

Far-reaching automation and powerful service orchestration will ensure that you can unlock every single business opportunity coming your way.

First-rate from the first time

DataMiner Service & Resource Manager (SRM) provides accelerated service design, delivery and assurance with simplified, consistent and predictable operation during the entire service life cycle.

A unique suite

DataMiner Service and Resource Manager (SRM) is a unique suite of 7 DataMiner functions that enable simple, yet reliable orchestration and monitoring of media, transport, and broadband services end to end.

Fully customer-configurable

The suite is fully customer-configurable to tailor workflows, service catalogs, service profiles and automation to the exact needs of engineering and operational teams.

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Sports Roadkit Orchestration

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Media Data Center Management

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Media Data Center Management

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DTH Service Management

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DTH Service Management:

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Cloud-based ABR probe Orchestration

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Cloud-based ABR probe orchestration

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SDN Control

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SDN Control

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Software Defined Media Networks

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