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Managing media networks

Set up end-to-end workflows across legacy, all-IP and virtualized media platforms.

you'll learn how to

turn islands of technology into one converged network

get a single view on your entire operation

set up media workflows across technology and vendor boundaries

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About this solution guide

Unified media workflows crossing technology and vendor boundaries of fiber, satellite and cloud infrastructure provide broadcasters and service providers with the velocity, scalability and cost structure they need in order to be successful. A single infrastructure is responsible for news gathering, contribution and exchange, data ingest and contribution of local content, combining legacy compression and video processing with a cloud architecture. DataMiner allows the end-to-end management of workflows stretching across any technology and vendor boundaries.

This solution guide provides a quick overview of how DataMiner can be used to orchestrate satellite SCPC, VSAT, fiber SDH and MPLS transmissions, using a plethora of different technologies and brands of equipment, in a single end-to-end workflow. Learn how unified media workflows can go across technology and vendor boundaries with DataMiner.

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Managing media networks solution guide