On-demand Webinar

DataMiner for Management of DAA Ecosystems

Duration: 42 minutes


why DAA is a dynamic 3D connectivity framework

how the Converged Interconnect Network interferes with QoS

how DataMiner automatically discovers inventory in the network

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about this webinar

DataMiner helps ensure that the transformation of access infrastructure towards Distributed Access Architectures (DAA) takes place with optimal efficiency and minimal risk. Our expert explains why it is crucial to protect visibility on the end-to-end service delivery infrastructure, including the Converged Interconnect Network (CIN), why it is also a must to support correlation of QoS issues back to specific CIN components, and how DataMiner facilitates all this.

Your host
Dominique De Paepe

Dominique De Paepe, Market Director Service Provider at Skyline Communications, is globally responsible for service provider customers within the company. He has extensive experience in product marketing and product management of network management, orchestration, OSS and infrastructure for cable and telco service providers as well as carriers.

management of DAA ecosystems