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Sarajevo office moves to a new and prestigious location to spearhead its growth

The team in Bosnia and Herzegovina is moving to a brand-new office in a prestigious location in Sarajevo: the Summit building in Marijin Dvor. This step marks a significant milestone for the company as it expands its business to support innovation and digital transformation in the region.

the Summit building in Marijin Dvor, Sarajevo

Currently, the Sarajevo office employs 30 programmers and engineers who are an integral part of the global Skyline team and are working on diverse projects, contributing to the growth and success of the company.

Moving to a new, larger space will enable the further development and realization of all upcoming plans and projects.

Dean Muzička, Regional Office Manager in BiH

Dean Muzička, Regional Office Manager in BiH, emphasizes: "Our team, business, and operations have strategically expanded over the past 18 months. Moving to a new, larger space will enable the further development and realization of all upcoming plans and projects. The new office is located in the Summit building, one of the prominent business locations in Sarajevo, which offers exceptional conditions for technology companies."

Muzička explains that one of Skyline Communications' focuses is to engage in initiatives by offering its unique DataMiner platform to improve community life. "Programs such as 'Smart Cities’ are absolutely our commitment for the future, as they aim to support city, municipality, and organization initiatives to become more efficient, resilient, and focused on sustainable futures," he explains, adding that Skyline Communications is here to unequivocally support other strategic initiatives of digital transformation that will contribute to community development, create new opportunities, and improve the quality of life for citizens.

Dean Muzička

Skyline Communications, with its unique DataMiner platform, recognizes the importance of digital transformation in modern businesses. It acts as a catalyst for managing smart cities, IoT integration, energy, environmental monitoring, ICT media, and broadband, making organizations agile and ready for future challenges.

Kim Meerschman, VP Finance and Investments at Skyline Communications says: "Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially Sarajevo, plays a crucial role in our regional operations. This city is strategically important to us and represents an important part of our activities in the region. That's why we are determined to support initiatives to improve communities and cities in the country, as we believe in the potential that such projects have for transforming society and the grassroots economy for the better.”

Skyline Communications is a technology company with offices in Belgium, Portugal, Singapore, the UAE, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the USA, as well as a continuous presence in Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. It has 400 employees working on various projects on almost every continent.

The opening of the new Skyline Communications office in Sarajevo represents a step forward in the company's mission to be a key partner in the digital transformation of the region. From its new address in Sarajevo, Skyline will remain equally committed to supporting organizations in their efforts towards digital transformation, providing the technological innovations and expertise necessary for success in today's business environment.