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Skyline champions gender equality & social responsibility in ICT

We recently received recognition from the "Association for Promoting Social Responsibility - UNITED" for its commitment to gender equality and social responsibility. This acknowledgment underscores its ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity within the organization and the ICT industry in general.

Gender Equality

Merima Tipura joined a panel discussion about cyber security during the Women4Cyber event

The information and communication technology (ICT) industry is witnessing unprecedented growth, as indicated by an increase in the demand for trained professionals. However, despite tremendous technology advancements, attaining gender diversity remains a challenge. The ICT sector, traditionally dominated by men, is making significant efforts to challenge persistent perceptions and foster a more inclusive environment. This struggle is exacerbated by a lack of female role models, which undermines efforts to promote diversity. According to recent data, women represent only a fraction of the ICT workforce, accounting for approximately 32% of all ICT positions worldwide and falling to a low of just 5% among telecommunication engineers. The gap highlights the critical need for coordinated measures to improve gender equality in the business.

We firmly believe that fostering an inclusive environment is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage.

Frederik Vandenberghe, CFO at Skyline Communications

"The ICT sector is a hub of innovation and progress, yet it grapples with the challenge of achieving gender diversity and equality. We recognize the imperative of creating a workplace where every individual feels valued and empowered, regardless of gender. Our dedication to equality extends beyond rhetoric; it's ingrained in our culture and operations," stated Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications.

Frederik Vandenberghe, CFO at Skyline, acknowledged the pivotal role of diversity in driving innovation and understanding diverse consumer needs, emphasizing, "Diverse teams bring unique perspectives and insights, enriching our problem-solving capabilities. We firmly believe that fostering an inclusive environment is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage."

During a recent event organized by UNITED, which focused on the challenges and opportunities for women in ICT, Merima Tipura, Senior Agile Project Manager at Skyline Communications, was invited to a panel discussion about cyber security. Reflecting on her experience, Merima said, "At Skyline, we prioritize empathy and equality in every aspect of our operations. As a Senior Agile Project Manager, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of inclusive practices in driving collaboration and innovation."

As part of its broader mission to enhance employee well-being and foster a culture of empathy, Skyline launched the "Change for the Better" working group a few years back. This initiative underscores their commitment to not only improving the workplace but also contributing positively to the community and the planet as a whole.