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Today, we all live in an environment in which everything is only becoming increasingly more connected, resulting in a fast-growing complexity and unpredictability that goes far beyond the human mind. In this new world, agility is the key to success, and standing still is simply not an option. The classic models of operation do not apply in this changing climate. Only a flexible, adaptive mindset that is open to new technologies and ideas leveraging those new technologies, will stay afloat amidst constant changes.

In order to be successful in a world that is continuously in a state of becoming, end-to-end network management and orchestration that taps into your entire operation is instrumental. The key is to manage the endless challenges you come across in ecosystems and markets that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

DataMiner is the global leading end-to-end network management platform, deployed by thousands of leading operators across the globe, enabling them to manage their operation more easily and more efficiently than ever before. DataMiner provides unprecedented visibility on user experience, and enables unrivaled orchestration, and this in the most complex and versatile technology ecosystems, end to end across any vendor and technology domains.

it's all about the networks and
the fuel is information and how it flows

The DNA of your business

Whereas in the past, the DNA of your business was basically defined by the actual technology infrastructure you deployed, nowadays that DNA is very much defined by the business models you design, and by the degree to which you are successful in leveraging the wealth of technology available in your underlying infrastructure to make those business models a reality.

In other words, success in business is now defined by the degree to which you can exploit and unlock the potential of your technology infrastructure, and how quickly and easily you can strategically evolve over time. And within that context, it is a given that a sophisticated end-to-end NMS/OSS plays a very crucial and vital role. It is one of the most strategic assets of any operator, enabling not only the proactive management of an entire operation end to end, across vendor and technology boundaries, but also the end-to-end orchestration of the operation, more efficiently than ever before.

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Our newest, cutting-edge DataMiner® X is designed to dazzle, down to the finest detail. This NMS/OSS sensation is packed with innovating features and capabilities, such as the all-new DataMiner Dashboards to visualize the most complex ecosystems, user-definable apps that take their adjective to a whole new level and cloud services that are a seamless extension of your DataMiner® system.

But there’s more: a flexible open architecture that gives you complete freedom, leading Service and Resource Management that empowers your agile business, DataMiner Augmented Operation with unsurpassed built-in AI and machine learning, and the exciting DataMiner Rooms that put an entirely new and unprecedented perspective on your operation.

DataMiner Dashboards

The brand-new DataMiner Dashboards visualizes the most complex and diverse ecosystems. Design and evolve on the fly, and create an intuitive live-updated and fully consolidated end-to-end perspective on your operation. Experience the tremendous power of one dashboard with any data, irrespective where it is coming from in your operation.

DataMiner Dashboards

DataMiner cloud services

DataMiner Cloud Services is a seamless extension of your DataMiner System, irrespective of whether it’s an on-premises, off-premises or hybrid deployment. It provides you with a wealth of added value services to operate your DataMiner System, to run your operation smoothly and efficiently, and to leverage off-the-shelf integrations with third-party online services.

DataMiner cloud services

DataMiner Collaboration

DataMiner X heralds a fundamental redefinition of how agile teams can interact with each other and their end-to-end operational systems. DataMiner Collaboration features innovative and unprecedented capabilities to share live operational data, and powerful integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

DataMiner Collaboration

DataMiner augmented operations

DataMiner Augmented Operations leverages state-of-the-art big data and artificial intelligence technology, and is simply indispensable to manage tomorrow’s operational ecosystems. It increases efficiency, reduces cost and helps you to move from a reactive to a proactive operation.

DataMiner augmented operations

User-definable DataMiner apps

The highly user-definable DataMiner Apps let you easily design and deploy intuitive UIs on the fly. Monitor and control front ends, tailored to your exact needs, interacting with any part of your operation in a vendor-, technology- and domain-agnostic manner.

User-definable DataMiner apps

DataMiner System Architecture

DataMiner features a unique open architecture, enabling anybody to evolve his operation on a continuous basis. Ease of deployment, seamless availability and continuous scaling both on premises, off premises or in a hybrid architecture.

DataMiner System Architecture

DataMiner Service and Resource Manager (SRM)

DataMiner SRM introduces a new era, enabling operators to orchestrate their entire operation end to end. From job ingest to automated resource allocation, service provisioning, unified service monitoring & control and much more. DataMiner SRM offers everything you need to run a future-proof agile operation.

DataMiner Service and Resource Manager

DataMiner Rooms

DataMiner Rooms introduces a paradigm shift that enables you to run a more efficient operation in the fast-evolving and agile industry. The rooms are virtual spaces where people can get together and collaborate while leveraging the wealth of data available in DataMiner.

DataMiner Rooms
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